Colloquial Irish Reprinted

In 2008, Colloquial Irish was sold in three printed options, a paperback book, two CDs in a single clear CD jewel case, and a vinyl album package for 2 CDs and the paperback book typical of an audio book/talking book. In the later case, there were several complaints of the CDs becoming dislodged and scratched in shipping. So this third option was later changed to the CDs being placed in the back of the book and shrink wrapped. In 2015, Routledge stopped marketing the CDs and put the sound files on-line. Anyone can now access the MP3 sound files for free here. At the same time, a new printing of the book took place. The 2015 cover reflects the change in delivery of sound files. Now both those using the printed book and those using the Kindle version can download sound files as needed.